Privacy Policy


FsmPro doesn't need any personal data of users as it does not have any operational dependency on the users' personal data.

That said, some user identification is still needed for things like license management, and we want to be clear about what data we need and why.

Personal data we use

None of the above data is exposed online or passed to third parties, We use it solely for our internal functions.

Marketing communication

We may occasionally use your email address (and your name if we have it) that you give us when you purchase a license or activate a free trial, to send you personalized notices and reminders about important updates, promos and time-limited discounts for our products. Besides, once in a while, we may send some hand-picked deals, which we arrange with fellow Mac developers and that we have assessed will be beneficial to you as a customer. You can unsubscribe from any or all our emails at any moment, using the unsubscribe link in each email.

Our website

Besids the app itself, we also have a website that serves as a store and a showcase for our product. Building an efficient website is not easy and requires us to track a lot of aggregate metrics of our audience, such as – which referrers people mostly come from, what they are looking for, which pages they like the most etc. Then we use this data to optimize our website for the audience. Like majority of websites, we use Google Analytics. When you come to our website, Google Analytics uses cookies in your browser to save and look up if you were there before, using a randomly generated, anonymous user ID. (But it can NOT identify your other personal data such as name, email etc.)

Accepting payments from you

Being a small indie company, we prefer to outsource our store checkout to a well-established third-party service, such as FastSpring. They do for us all the heavy lifting of supporting different payment systems, international transactions, country-specific tax collection, fraud prevention and so on. In order to accept a payment from you, they will need to identify you using your personal data – they may ask your separate consent when you enter the checkout, with their own privacy policy. After the checkout, it sends us your full nameemail address and country code in order to create and deliver the license to you (see “Personal data we use” above).

How long do we keep your data?

Because we sell lifetime licenses for our apps, we also keep the data without limitation in time, unless you ask us to forget about you.

Can we forget about you?

Sure, if you want your data to be removed from our records, just send us a request to [email protected]. In response, we can send you all your data that we have and/or remove it from our database.